Thursday, 6 December 2012

Review of Ciate's infamous Caviar

Today I took my newly acquired Ciates for a test run. I paired up the cream purple Cabaret shade  with the Prom Queen caviar for the accent nails (left thumb and right pinky). The two together really are a dream team! 

How gymnastic do your fingers need to be to get all five nails facing the same way? Very much so, as it turned out. 

I should start by saying that applying the little beads to the nail was easier than I anticipated, and used an insignificant amount of the magic sprinkles. In fact, the drying process was less stressful than with regular polish, as you don't need to worry about ruining the delicate shinyness. I did my accent nails in the morning before going to work. 

The texture of this is very... attractive. Not necessarily in a pleasant way, but more in a "touch me, touch me!" kind of way. I was very conscious of my mani all day. You know the awkward hand gestures you take to when you've just done your nails? I was like that all day. 

Unfortunately, the beads were mostly gone by the evening, significantly more so on the thumb than on the pinky. Im glad to know that I'm not wasting the evolutionary effort of my ancestors in developing an opposable thumb, I seem to use it a lot.

Don't get me wrong though, I enjoy this combo immensely! I shall wear the two together again, no doubt, but probably more for a one-day-long kind of deal. Which the upcoming few weeks will offer plenty of.

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