Friday, 21 December 2012

Birthday NOTD

Although the plan was to wear the Candy Shop caviar with the pale grey Cookies and Cream (which I am missing), I paired it up with Cutie Pie from earlier in the Mini Mani Month. 

I ended up with a centimetres worth of nail polish coat, because the pink was very sheer. It will make a good  French manicure polish, but not very good solid pink. I mean, you can still build it up, and maybe if you had even a fraction more patience than me, you won't drag the previous coat, causing streaks, and it will take you less than four coats.

Ciate Cutie Pie and Candy Shop on the accent nail

An honourable mention to my Revlon Quick Dry top coat, which is the shiniest, quickest, dryest top coat of them all.

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