Monday, 24 December 2012

How to help your lipstick survive dinner

Bold red lips is one of the most popular makeup look for the holiday season. It is the ultimate accessory that suits absolutely everyone. I love red lips, and have been using "its Christmas!" as an excuse to wear my favourite reds every single day, including around the house. 

Bright lipstick is notoriously impractical, especially if you are like me, and you can't help but maintain the incoming food flow more or less constant. So I thought I'd share my lipstick application routine that  prevents it from wearing off too soon, and helps it fade gracefully. 

Apply moisturising lip balm in advance, or simply start with bare lips. 

Pick a lip pencil closest to the colour of your lipstick. Using a sharp pencil will help you get the a more precise line, especially if you're not well practiced, but as you can tell, my liner here is reasonably blunt, which makes it glide easier.

Next, fill in the outline that you have created. This will ensure that if you do eat (I know I will!) or drink, even if the gloss of the lipstick wears off, the stain of the pencil won't leave you with a blank lip centre.

Now the obvious part - apply your lipstick. The key to success of this whole process is to work in thin layers, so make sure you don't go over the same area more than once - just enough for the lipstick to show its colour. Using a lip brush instead of going straight from the bullet will give you an even thinner layer, and will also allow you to get closer to the edges, in case your liner and lipstick don't match exactly.

Now grab a tissue and press it against the lips once or twice. This will take the excess product off, leaving the pigment behind.

For the final step, apply your lipstick again, but this time use dabbing motions, rather than sweeps. Only  pat the lipstick in the centre of your lips, where the gloss will have been removed by the tissue.

And you're done! Hopefully this will help you be less conscious of your bright pout while helping yourself to a pork pie. 

Happy Holidays! x

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