Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

Ojon Damage Reverse is a haircare line that is aimed at particularly dry and damaged hair. The line includes shampoo, conditioner, restorative treatment, serum and finishing spray, all of which supposedly treat hair that has already taken a hit and is looking worse for wear.

My hair is not damaged through chemical exposure, but it is subject to almost daily straightening, and when I say straightening, I mean, ruler-straight, "geometric" hair. When air-dried with no added product, it is frizzy, fairly corse, and has an annoying irregular wave to it that is of no use for creating any look whatsoever. My hopes for the Damage Reverse line were high, based on my previous good experience with Ojon products.

The Restorative Hair Treatment is somewhat like a hair mask, but you are to apply it before washing your hair, and leave it in for anything from 20 minutes to overnight. The smell of this was once described to me as what a "sophisticated hippie" smells like, but more people say it smells of cigars, and not in a posh way. I don't mind the musky/smoky aroma, but it is definitely odd for a beauty product, and rather strong too. 

It is of a very thick, almost solid, consistency in the pot. Scoop a dollop of the product into your palms and warm it up. The opaque paste turns oily, and you can spread it down the length of your hair. I cover as much of my hair as patience allows, put it up in a bun and watch House M.D. 

It usually takes two rounds of shampoo to rid the hair of the oily residue, but is it worth it! Freshly treated hair is easy to comb, easy to dry, easy to style afterwards. The hair looks glossy, the ends - crisp and the frizz - calm. Lovely, manageable hair. The effects remain until the next wash (I wash my hair once every 2-3 days), but as any treatment, it needs some consistency to achieve a more permanent result.

So if sad and beaten-up hair is something you have, and sleek, easy hair on the road to healthy is what you desire, this stuff is worth checking out! Retails for £16 for 50 ml or £32 for 100 ml (which is the same £ per ml, mind you), or comes free as gift with purchase on their homepage.

On a more sentimental note, the main ingredient of this product is palm oil. Palm oil for beauty (and various other) products is produced on a massive scale in artificial plantations in places like Indonesia and Malaysia, that also happen to be the natural habitat of such wonderful and threatened species like the Orangutan. These guys are suffering a spiralling decline in numbers because their homes are being destroyed to make way to farmland.

Do I see a hole in the philosophy of such a wholesome company, that bases its roots in native wisdom, earthiness, being at one with nature and what have you?..
Anyway, just a thought. Makes you hair look lovely (:

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