Saturday, 11 February 2012

Elle March Double Freebie Alert

Sometimes magazine freebies are not obvious, and unless something is written on the cover, or is actually stuck to the front of the magazine, you don't know what good stuff's hiding inside until you buy the issue. I really only ever buy glossy literature when there IS something attached to it. So this mont's ELLE issue with Alexa Chung on the cover sucked me in with a full size (!) mascara from Soap and Glory's new makeup line. Good things have been said about the line altogether, and the mascara in particular. 

As it turned out, inside you also find a £2 discount on Soap and Glory products in Boots. 

And as though that isn't fun enough for one issue, Dior is promoting their new mascara, and have included a card, that invites you to their counters for a makeover and a sample of the new mascara. I don't know who generally manages to takes these trials (chances are, if you're interested in such a fancy mascara, you'll already be wearing a face of makeup before you set off to the counter), but the sample's a perk. I received mine at John Lewis. 

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