Saturday, 15 December 2012

Ciate Advent Day 15

It's December 14th, and it's 12° outside. I can't complain, but there's this huge discrepancy between what I see out of my window and what my Christmas song playlist is telling me should be happening.

Anyway. Ciate is taking me out of my comfort zone again with a turquoise blue. Here's Headliner. Check out the bow on this guy! It's drunk.

It reminds me of Essie's Turquoise and Caicos, but probably only because it is the only other light bright blue polish I own. Side by side, they are embarrassingly  dissimilar.

I did go through a phase this summer where I would wear Turquoise and Caicos for a week, take it of and then repaint it again immediately. I like it a lot. So I am less skeptical of Headliner than I would be, had I not "forced" myself to try out the gorgeous Essie.

I realise that sounds so... trivial. Maybe I should join Superfishiality-holics Anonymous or something. We can all get together and discuss how one does not simply wear boots with a sleeveless dress.

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