Sunday, 9 December 2012

Ciate Advent Day 9

Advent day 9, and my polish armada is looking rather mighty! Today I received a bright orange-tone red, playfully named Mistress

Mistress is the colour that comes up if you Google 'red', but me and Google have been known to disagree in colour judgements (I could host a whole debate on the 'fuchsias', 'magentas' and 'hot pinks').     When I opened the polish window this morning in dim light I assumed the colour was orange.

As I've mentioned before, orange-reds aren't my favourite to wear on my fingers, perhaps because they accentuate the yellow tones in my skin, making my hands look like I've been peeling potatoes. These shades do make a lovely toenail polish though, especially with a Dita-esque peep toe shoe.

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