Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ciate Advent Day 19

This morning's Advent discovery was probably one of the most exciting ones so far. I don't think of myself as having dull taste for nail polish, but today's Cookies and Cream, which looks like the plainest of the plain at first site, got me all giddy.

It doesn't come out on pictures as it looks in real life. Cookies and Cream is a very light creamy (how many times can I say 'cream' in this post?) grey. It doesn't lean pink, like it looks on the first picture. This shady photo below is more accurate.

I was so excited, that I was going to make this guy my Birthday polish. It's a big decision, and a tough choice. I was so excited, that I kept it standing proudly on my desk while I packed up the rest of the Mini Mani Month, my hot rollers and my dog, got in the car and drove off to the opposite end of the country.  I forgot it home, basically. What on earth am I to do now?

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