Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ciate Advent Day 12

The other day I told my boss I had a nail polish advent calendar. If he still had any faith in my sanity, I suspect it has now been shattered. Reminds me of the occasion when he thought he heard me say I owned eighteen nail polishes. "Dear Lord!" he said, "EightEEN!" To which I replied "Ahem, that would be eightY".. And that was quite some time ago too.

As for my newest friend, here is Twilight.

Twilight is black with fine golden glitter running through. The polishes from the last three days follow a similar 'black-n-gold' theme, all go nicely together and the bottles look great side by side.

The glitter in it is somewhat multi-coloured - it has that slight olive flash that Ladylike Luxe from two days ago has. 

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