Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ciate Advent Day 17

Door 17th, and the Advent wonder of the day was Power Dressing. I didn't get the reference. All I could picture was a salad with French dressing overflowing. I was explained, however, that 'power dressing' is referring to powerful women in tailored suits, which makes a lot more sense now. Duh.

While we're on the topic, actually - I don't think Ciate are particularly great at naming their babies. Not that I expect every beauty brand headquarters to have a specially trained team of punsters e.g. OPI and their 'Berlin There Done That' (for their Germany collection) or Illamasqua with the Zygomatic blusher (Zygomatic's the skull bone where your blush goes), but something about Ciate's titles just isn't sticking.

Power Dressing is a very dark navy cream. It almost looks black, but not. I guess it does look like that tricky suit fabric, where you can't quite tell it's blue until you put black next to it. The polish looks smart, I can picture it well on short nails with a very glossy top coat.

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